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Including Children in your vegetable gardening is a wonderful way to spend time with them as well as teaching them where food comes.

A Hive of Activity

NEWSPAPER POTS make biodegradable newspaper pots, they're easy to make, better for the environment, easy for children and better for your seeds, as they can plant them out in the pot which protects the roots.

GROW A BEANSTALK, use magical beans (green bean seeds) to grow a beanstalk like Jack. 

GROW YOUR OWN PIZZA is agreat activity for children to grow ingredients for their favourite food. Grow tomatoes, basil and oregano, part ingredients for a margarita. 

Planting STRAWBERRIES is a great project for children as they love to eat them. 

FAIRY GARDEN, grow beautiful sweet pea seeds over winter and poppy seeds in spring to create a fairy garden. 

HUGE CROPS, courgettes are great to grow as they produce huge crops quickly. The large seeds are easy to pot but some children won't like courgettes, try grating them into spaghetti bolognaise or pasta or let them grow bigger and carve faces into them.